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mWSI Mobile Whole Slide Imaging

Disruptive Innovation

Alexapath is disrupting traditional microscopic imaging by turning smartphones into medical diagnostic and imaging tools at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Traditional telepathology methods have relied on over-priced legacy solutions, with costs wavering between $20,000 to $230,000. Our patented technology offers a portable, rapid, and cost-effective solution.

Rapid Results

mWSI or mobile whole slide imaging is our patented method of acquiring multiple panoramic images to obtain a single composite image of a biological specimen. The mWSI contains an image pyramid where the screener can zoom in on images. Simply use the pinch gesture on a mobile device, or the Zoomify viewer on the Alexapath website. The mWSI system converts any microscope into a smart phone that can digitize medical slides at resolutions up to 40x objective magnification.

Your microscope made smarter

Alexapath leverages smart phone technology to overcome inaccessibility to microscopic diagnosis across the world.

Lost time is lost lives

Global Reach

mWSI eliminates the barriers between providers and pathologists because it can work in areas with limited infrastructure and resources."

-Lou Auguste

Team Live Longer is an initiative dedicated to using technology to improve health outcomes in low resource environments. Doctors and lab technicians in Haiti will used Alexapath's life-saving technology to prepare and send PAP smear slides to the Association Medicine Haiti a l'Etranger (AMHE) for diagnosis. Haitian women have the highest rate of mortality from cervical cancer in the world, with 54 per 100,000 women dying from the disease every year. Long waits for test results are all too common in a country of 10 million with only 5 pathologists. Alexapath's mWSI technology saves lives by providing healthcare personnel with access to pathologists worldwide, substantially decreasing the wait for test results, and in turn, increasing survival rates.

BitTorrent is our strategic partner for transportation of mobile Whole Slide Images. Their peer-to-peer sharing platform ensures confidentiality and works in even the lowest resource environments, enabling you to get results from anywhere in the world at any time!

Meet the Team

  • Duval Palsana
    Con Edison

    Originally from Gujurat, India, Dhaval holds a Masters from NYU Polytechnic in Mechatronics and Robotics. Dhaval is the hardware lead on the team and is responsible for the construction of the adaptor prototypes and mWSI system. In addition to his engineering role, Dhaval has played an active part in Alexapath's business development, forming partnerships with India-based providers. When Dhaval is not developing ways to make microscopes better and cheaper, he's perfecting the art of 3D printing.

  • Lou Auguste
    Project Manager
    USAID/Virgin Media

    A Yale- educated humanitarian, Lou was inspired to develop a rapid, cost-efficient solution for the global pathology shortage following a year he spent in Haiti as a member of USAID's Earthquake Recovery Team. Consultations with University College London, and collaboration with NYU Polytechnic, enabled Lou to begin development of the mWSI technique in 2013. In addition to founding Alexapath, Lou formed Team Live Longer, a joint effort between Haitian Doctors Abroad (AMHE), and Alexapath. Lou was recognized for his contributions to the field of innovation by Virgin Media in 2013, and, most recently, was honored at the AMHE's 2015 Spring Gala for his continued efforts to develop mobile health care solutions.

  • Shishir Malav
    Co-Founder/ Embedded Systems Engineer
    New York University

    Shishir holds the keys to the design and development aspects of our system. In addition to the Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering he earned from SRM University, Chennai, India, he also holds a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from New York University. During his time at NYU, Shishir managed several STEM programs, including Science of Smart Cities and ARISE and was awarded “Volunteer of the Year.”By the off chance Shishir is not at his desk, you’ll find him at the ping pong table defending his undefeated streak..

Our shared commitment to making mWSI available on a global scale inspires our work every day.

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