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26 Nov

Oxford researcher Dr. Anna Schuh is laying the foundation for diagnostics and therapy for blood cancers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Alexapath is proud to support her innovative research by supplying the ADA I and mobile Whole Slide Imaging Software. Dr. Schuh regularly travels to Muhimbili University for Healthcare and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) where the ADA I has been set up.

26 Nov

Alexapath researchers have developed an AI capable of differentiating between normal and abnormal pap smears. Autopap is a CNN made of 4 Conv layers and 2 FCs. It was built using a combination of Matlab, Python and Tensorflow. Thanks to financial support from the United States and India Science and Technology Endowment Foundation (USISTEF) and Qualcomm Design in India Challenge (QDIC).

26 Nov

Alexapath is proud to announce our partnership with Dr. Tony Barrios and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr. Barrios is a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, one of the world’s foremost experts on the Helminth and Helminthiases, and he works with Dr. Blanca Jiménez, the director of CONAQUA as well.


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Located at the NYU Tandon Digital Future Labs in Brooklyn, NY, our team is building the next generation of microscopes.

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Alexapath researchers demonstrated a CNN composed of four convolutional layers, two FC layers, one dropout and a sigmoid to Larry Paulson, President of Qualcomm, India.

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Our Team

Lou Auguste

Co-founder Lou Auguste is known to many people as the Microscope Guy. A Global Health Researcher, Lou has worked in low and middle income countries (LMICs) since 2010 when he traveled to Haiti after the tragic earthquake. As the co-founder of Alexapath, he has won numerous awards and grants for the innovative product line including the ASME award for Best Hardware Led Social Innovation 2015, Finalist for Science Start Up of the Year 2016 (Worldwide), winner of the United States and India Science and Technology Endowment 2017, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding 2018. Outside of Alexapath. Lou is an accomplished film maker, he worked on the Academy Award nominated film “ Exit through the Gift Shop ”, directed the internationally released “Day in the Lyfe”, and was lucky enough as a young film maker to screen his first feature at Sundance.

Shishir Malav

Who am I? A tech nerd responsible for all things tech at Alexapath, making things work, solving problems.
Education: MS in Computer Engineering, NYU.
What I want to do: Make a difference in healthcare and education. When I am not working: Taking pictures of cars or wildlife, working on some art project, and watching motorsports.

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