Bitorrent Sync Stories: Battling Cervical Cancer in Haiti

TeamLiveLonger – Battling Cervical Cancer in Haiti from on Vimeo.

Team Live Longer was established three years ago as a collaborative effort between Brooklyn-based AlexaPath and the Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad (AMHE). Cervical cancer currently affects over 270,000 women a year in developing nations, making it the 4th most common cause of cancer death for women. Haiti has the highest mortality rate from cervical cancer in the world. Cases often go undiagnosed for extended periods of time due to the country’s pathology shortage. Women do not realize they are sick until symptoms present themselves, and at that point, treatment options are few. When detected early, cervical cancer has a survival rate of over 90%.

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Inside the Boiler Room: Disrupting Medical Imaging

Lou Auguste is disrupting the medical imaging industry and cervical cancer diagnosis. Why? His company wants to reduce cervical cancer mortality rates by using smartphones to turn microscopes into medical imaging devices. He is specifically targeting under-served countries bereft of an adequate number of pathologists.

Auguste left the film industry for the tech startup life inside the boiler room. In the aftermath of the 2010 Haitian earthquake, he went to Haiti for a year to help with the recovery. Among a plethora of problems, Auguste witnessed hospital shortages and wanted to do something to help.

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Winners of Three Innovation Showcases Selected


Nine hardware entrepreneurs were selected as the winners of the 2015 ASME Innovation Showcase (ISHOW), a global competition with events in India, Kenya and the United States. This year marked the first time that the program, which highlights hardware-led social innovations that improve the quality of life in communities around the world, was presented outside of the United States.

Ten finalists faced off at each of the competitions, where they pitched and demonstrated their products in front of a panel of experts. In addition to winning a share of $150,000 in cash prizes, each of the nine winners also received an extensive design and engineering review from a team of industry experts.

Akash Agarwal, Syauqy Aziz and Rajeev Kumar were selected as the winners of the inaugural ISHOW in India. The event, which was held in partnership with Villgro Innovations, took place April 20 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Pune, in conjunction with the ASME Additive Manufacturing+3D Printing Conference.

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ICYMI: Future of Optics Panel with Erek Tinker

Throughout history, light has been a symbol of knowledge. Technology and innovation are dependent upon our ability to see. As we improved our optical systems our ability to know the world around us improved. Magnifying glasses gave way to eyeglasses, telescopes, microscopes and cameras. The telescope improved our ability to navigate the seas and the microscope improved our ability to see the tiny world around us and inside of us. The history of the modern world stands on the shoulders of giants whose work with optics led to remarkable advancements in other fields. The great philosopher Baruch Spinoza was a famous lens grinder, Michael Faraday as a young man worked in a lens making factory, and Isaac Newton’s early experiments in optics began a body of work that left us with Calculus.

Manufacturing today has become very advanced, and we’ve largely mastered the craft of making excellent lenses. Today’s optics are advanced by software and new form factors that are reducing the cost of expensive optical equipment. High resolution digital cameras are a part of our everyday lives. People take high quality photographs and videos with their smartphones. Cinema continues to push the boundaries of high quality digital cinematography.

In this panel, moderated by Erek Tinker, we are going to hear from the below speakers who have worked in film and technology, bringing a breadth of knowledge to how we are using optics today.

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