USCAP 2016 Poster Presentation

USCAP 2016

Alexapath and Northwell Health presented this poster at the 2016 United States and Canada Anatomical Pathologists Society. The poster reflects data collected and research conducted during the first pre-clinical validation study conducted with Dr. Michael Esposito and Dr. Tawfiqul Bhuiya of the Department of Pathology at Northwell Health.

The Result-
The 59 scanned cases included 31 benign and 28 malignant cases. The concordance rate between digital and glass slide diagnoses was 95% (56/59) for both reviewers. 2 discordant cases with major clinical implication were misdiagnosed by both reviewers; one was from a breast biopsy with DCIS and focal microinvasion. The microinvasion was missed on mWSI. After review, microinvasion was confirmed on mWSI. The second case was from a thyroid resection where follicular variant of papillary carcinoma was misdiagnosed as follicular adenoma on mWSI.

The Conclusion-
This study indicates that mWSI offers excellent diagnostic accuracy. It is an affordable system that can be used as an
adequate tool for telepathology. It will help to expedite the diagnostic process in low resource environments and provide patients with better health outcomes..

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USCAP Poster